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Association of Asian Translation Industry (AATI) formally announced on 28 August 2012 that it is moving towards a new era in the Asian and ASEAN translation industry envisioned to serve as a platform and forum for translation-quality standards in Asia.

After its formation announcement  at the 3rd International Conference on Translation, Technology, and Globalization in a Multilingual Context held in New Delhi, India on 23 June 2012, AATI has decided to spearhead the implementation of unified standards and practices in translation, interpretation, localization and certification across Asia.  The association has likewise vowed to expand its roles in the field of research and development, innovation and translation technology, including the active participation of the academe vis-à-vis the industry.

The newly formed AATI is initially composed of 12 countries and  1 region  including Cambodia, China, Hong Kong (China), India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam which are committed to fostering reforms and congruency in language services.

AATI President Maneerat  Sawasdiwat Na Ayutthaya said that “the AATI is a turning point to revolutionize language services in Asia where the most dynamic translation industry will harmonize the world balance of language across borders.”

Mission and Vision

  • To promote collaboration of Asian translators and interpreters to enhance their professional qualities;
  • To develop professional standards of the translation activity of the industry in Asia;
  • To enhance the use of information and communication technology to facilitate the task of translators and interpreters;
  • To share knowledge, ideas and enhance transfer of technology through forums, conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops or training programs organized by AATI
  • To serve as a resource of translators, interpreters, language consultants and translation technology experts;
  • To promote cooperation, co-optation and collaboration for the mutual benefit of other language associations in Asia particularly in the field of translation and interpretation.

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THE ASSOCIATION OF ASIAN TRANSLATION INDUSTRY is organized by 13 countries and region in order to collaborate for the advancement and world harmony of translation industry in Asia. Besides ATA and ELIA, AATI is one of the biggest organizations of the world translation and interpretation groups.


Maneerat Sawasdiwat Na Ayutthaya (Thailand)


Ravi Kumar (India)

Secretary General

Louis Dinh (Vietnam)


Judy Zhang (China)


Yoshiki Matsuoka (Japan)

Director of Membership Management and Marketing

Samuel Ceazar S Porcalla

Co-Directors for Public Relations and International Affairs

Leo Chan (Hong-Kong, China)

Director for Research and Publications

Hong Jiang (Hong Kong, China)

Co-Directors for Education

Saeng Sopagna (Cambodia)

Co-Directors for Public Relations and International Affairs