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AATI membership is open to anyone with an interest in translation and interpreting as a profession or a scholarly pursuit.


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Step 1: Membership Application Form

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Step 2: Pay membership annual fee (Please find your type of membership with the following list)

* For the type of “b.1 personal/individual  (translator/ interpreter freelancer)”:

Please pay the fee $200 for AATI membership for 1 year. This fee should be charged every year. You can pay via Paypal or your debit/credit card.

* For the other types of membership:

We would like to inform of your membership fee and payment method upon receipt of your “Membership Application Form”.

Types of Membership

a.  Academic member 

    a. 1 individual (teacher, student, staff)

    a. 2 institute  (university, college,  training center)

b. Professional member    

    b.1 personal/individual  (translator/ interpreter freelancer)

    b.2 Corporate/Organization/Association) (organization, company, language service provider,

           translation agency/association/club)

 Step 3: Finish registration

We will review your application form and contact via your email if you are qualified.