Our Policies

AATI membership is open to anyone with an interest in translation and interpreting as a profession or a scholarly pursuit.

Section 1. Members of the Executive Council, committees and special groups of AATI shall NOT receive any salary, allowances, or other compensation;

Section 2. Only duly authorized expenses incurred on behalf of AATI shall be reimbursed.

Section 3. Members of the committees may be paid nominal honorarium as per approval of the Executive Council based on active performance

Section 1. The Election Committee shall consist of five (5) members.

Section 2. The Chairman shall be appointed by the Executive Council to conduct and administer the election during the General Assembly; the other four elected by secret ballot by the members of the Council of Representatives. They shall not be from the Executive Council.

Section 3. A member shall not be nominated unless he or she has been a member of AATI for at least the preceding six (6) months.

Section 4. Each nomination has to be seconded by two representatives, one from each member country/region.

Section 5. The rules and regulations of the election shall be drafted by the Election Committee.

Section 1. The source of funding of AATI shall come from:

a. Admission, subscription and membership fees;

b. Donations and contributions;

c. Grants, financial assistance, sponsorships, accreditations, certificates, conferences/seminars/trainings

d. Any other lawful financial source.

Section 2. All the income of AATI shall be utilized and pursuance to the objectives of the Association by the approval of Executive Committee.

Section 3. The Fiscal Year shall be from 1st of October to 30th of September.

Section 4. Audit. The accounts of AATI shall be audited by an independent and qualified auditor every year.

Section 5. The Executive Council shall appoint the official depository bank(s) of AATI;

Section 6. Management of funds and operations of accounts shall be operated by “joint signatories” of any of the following:

- President and Treasurer

- President and Secretary General (only as duly acknowledged by the Treasurer through written approval.)

Special committees shall be formed to undertake special projects, with nominations by the President. Examples of special committees include: fundraising, publication, election, marketing, fundraising, quality and standards, international relations.

Section 1. For any amendments to the Charter, an Extraordinary General Assembly will be held where a proposed amendment shall be approved by “50% plus one” of the members of the Council of Representatives.

Section 2. Extraordinary General Assemblies may be convened virtually or face-to-face as the case may be.

Section 1. Initial period. The (16) Founding Members shall serve on the first Executive Council (IEC) term until such time that a General Assembly shall be convened in three years.

Section 2. The Executive Council shall be composed of active members of the AATI from where the officers, directors and representatives will be appointed to undertake duties and responsibilities of the Governing Body. Consideration will be discussed in due time.

Section 3. Upon termination of their tenure of office, the members of the IEC shall remain as life-long Board of Advisers of AATI, to continue to perform a mentorship and supervisory role.