Translator Day 2017 – Translators’ festival before the era of industry 4.0


On November 28,29th, Translator Day 2017 with theme “The role of Language in Industry 4.0” was successfully organized in Ha Noi by Asian Association of Translation Industry (AATI), Vietnam Association of Translation Industry (VATI) and Expertrans Joint Stock Company. This event had attracted attention and attendance of a plenty of translators, interpreters and people working in language industry all over the region.

Following the impressive success of previous organizations, Translator Day 2017 had significantly positive repercussion as not only bridging to translator community in Asia, but also generating opportunities for them to exchange views and experience, so that they could together be ready for the era of industry 4.0. Translator Day 2017 would be incomplete with the presence of honorable guests, including Mrs.Sawasdiwat Na Ayutthaya Maneeratana – President of Asia Association of Translators and Intepreters, professor majoring in Translation and Intepretion at Rajamangala University, Thailand; Mr.Louis Dinh - Vice president of AATI, member of American Translators Association, member of European Language Industry Association, CEO of Expertrans BPO Company; Mr. Ravi Kumar – Secretary General of AATI; Mrs. Michaela Albl-Mikasa and Mrs. Andrea Kleinert – AATI Partners.


President and Vice President of AATI

At the edge of the new era 4.0 promising myriad considerable shifts, professors and guests deepened specialist knowledge and presented about activities of Asian translation Industry, as well as potential opportunities and challenges that translators would have to address in the future. It is widely accepted as an excellent and helpful theme, which would effectively assist translators and interpreters in being ready and confident before new era.


Speakers with their presentations in language industry

Translator Day 2017 was also evaluated as a special occasion because of new format. This year, a cozy and fun-filled Networking Dinner on Nov 28th created an ideal chance for professors and translators to be closer, as well as heighten and tighten their relationship in industry. Besides, translator community also obtained valued opportunity to solve their problems and questions with leading professors in the world thanks to Translator Day meeting on November 29th, which was live on a wide range of Social Networks.


Translator Day 2017 was live on Facebook

Let’s take a look on some pictures of Translator Day 2017 and stay tuned because Translator Day 2019 would be more interesting!